Advertising Opporutnies

Season 4

6 Month Advertising Opportunity
Show taping January/ February 2021 Air March 2021
A Lifestyle show aimed at highlighting the best of the Latin Culture and Community

Title Advertiser

  • Title Advertising receives Title Credits at the beginning and ending of the show
  • Title Advertiser is allotted 2- 30 second commercials in every show for the period of 6 mos
  • Listed as Title Advertiser in all marketing- Print, Radio, TV, and Social Media
  • Title Advertiser to appear as a Guest on 6 Episodes within the 6 months, either on set or at business location
  • Title Advertiser to receive a special Invitation to any events Beautiful Day hosts
  • Should “Beautiful Day” be extended, Title Advertiser will have first right of refusal to extend Title Sponsorship
  • Title Advertiser will be highlighted with a quote in the Official Press Release
  • Title Advertiser will be listed on the “Beautiful Day” Facebook page, and Instagram page
  • Title Advertiser will be invited to a taping they choose of “Beautiful Day” during the 6 Months of sponsorship
  • Title Advertiser logo to be place on the home page of the brand new Beautiful Day Website
  • Title Advertiser will have 1 interchangeable ad placement on the website for the 6 mos.


  • Advertiser will be allotted 1 – 30 second commercial for every show
  • Advertisers logo will be attached to all marketing – Print, Radio, TV and Social Media
  • Advertiser will receive business placement credit at end of each episode with current sponsors
  • Advertiser will be listed in the Official Press Release
  • Advertiser will be invited to any “Beautiful Day” hosted events
  • Advertiser to be listed on “Beautiful Day” Facebook page, and Instagram page

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